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Workshops & Seminars

Below is a list of our upcoming workshops and seminars which will be offered at various locations across the country. To register your interest please email and we'll be in touch as soon as the dates and venues are announced. All workshops are of a one day duration unless otherwise stated.
If you'd like us to hold any of our events specifically for your organisation or partnership we will, of course, tailor our workshops or design a bespoke programme to fit your exact requirements.
Visit our Contact Us page if you'd like to request a speaker for your own training program or event.

Who should attend?
How to Successfully Transform Services 
Everyone’s talking about service transformation. What is it exactly and how have people made their transformation projects successful?
  • Directors and managers who need to deliver savings and improve services
  • Anyone who wants an overview of service transformation techniques which have been proven to work
  • Business process improvement professionals who want to broaden their knowledge
How to Develop Partnership Working

The are many drivers pushing towards greater collaboration in service delivery, CAA, LAA etc. What have others done that might help us make progress?

  • Anyone from local authorities and other public service bodies who is working to join up service delivery
  • Anyone who is wondering how to make progress in shaping their Local Strategic Partnership
A Service Manager's Guide to Transformation

Every service is under pressure to improve and save money. From a service manager’s perspective what does good service transformation look like and how is it best applied?

  • Service managers who want to understand the fundamentals of successful service redesign and what works best
  • Business transformation professionals who want to discover practical examples of success which they can use to influence attitudes at a service delivery level


A Guide to Service Transformation for Elected Members

Elected members hear a lot from officers about transforming service delivery. How do members understand how this will be done, how they fit in and what works?

  • Elected members who want to understand how services can be transformed, what others are doing already and discuss how they can have a greater influence


How to map processes and cost service delivery


Four days


Authorities need to build their internal capability to transform. How does process mapping and activity based costing actually work and what makes projects successful?

  • Business process improvement professionals who will be working with service deliverers to help them to transform their services


How to use procurement to strengthen local economic development


Authorities issue larger contracts to drive down prices but local companies complain that this shuts them out. How can we balance the need for savings against supporting local business?

  • Procurement professionals who wish to use their position to drive various corporate objectives
  • Economic development teams who are concerned that their organisation doesn’t harness its efforts to support the local economy


Elected Members and their role in new look Authorities


A non-political workshop which examines some of the drivers at national, regional and local level and gives members an opportunity to discuss the role that they play in bringing together conflicting priorities and discuss their vision for developing better councils for the future. Throughout the day examples will be used of how other authorities are starting to transform their service delivery individually and in partnership

  • Elected members who want to play a part in shaping the future direction of service delivery of their authorities

Under development

Guide to commissioning, benefits realisation, BPI in planning, social care and revenues and benefits, customer journey mapping, running workshops, interview skills, creative thinking, train the trainer, developing business cases for service transformation

For further information or to register your interest click here

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